Responsibly for the design, preparation, evaluation and supervision of the initiatives financed by the Chile Fund against Hunger and Poverty is shared between the Government of Chile and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). A Steering Committee has been established to this end, which is responsible for taking all the final decisions on the activities to be founded through the competing projects.

The Steering Committee consist of representatives of the Chilean Foreign Affairs Ministry, of AGCID, and of the UNDP Country Office in Chile.

The function of the Executive Secretariat is to implement strategy to progress through the annual work plan; monitor the activities associated with the projects; present financial and technical follow-up reports on projects and activities, and carry out all the task assigned to it by the Steering Committee.

The Technical Secretariat works in coordination with the Executive Secretariat; its main task is to carry out logistical management, monitoring and follow-up of the various projects supported by the Chile Fund against Hunger and Poverty.

Steering Commitee 2015:

Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Alberto van Klaveren (Representative from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile).

María del Carmen Domínguez (DIGEN).

Juan Pablo Lira (Executive Director AGCID Chile).

United Nations Development Programme

Silvia Rucks (Resident Representative PNUD Chile).

Marcela Ríos (Programme Officer UNDP Chile).