If the one particular on the left is a goat willow / pussy willow (I have repotted it) I would take into consideration preserving it but not certain how substantial it has to be just before the catkins. I did have a pussy willow prior to but it got out of regulate so slice it down.

In a pot it may perhaps be less complicated to handle. Willowherb typically two varieties in our gardens:broad-leaved willowherb shiny vivid-inexperienced leaves of common shape, spreads by means of roots which emerge as rosettes on the area of the soil, hard to pull up if part of a spreading root process. short-fruited willowherb thinner leaves, quick to pull up.

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In the countryside, there is also Rosebay Willowherb . I’ve under no circumstances knowingly viewed it flowering in a London yard but I have found them in flower outside city parts. Having explained that, I assume it is really expanding next doorway but so much not significant sufficient to flower.

– update – pretty guaranteed I have witnessed it flowering close by past 12 months (2016) but will test and take a pic this calendar year (2017)Short-fruited willowherb , the fluffy bits at the prime, just setting up to display beneath, contain the seeds. although the willowherb flowers are ordinarily pink, I identified this https://plantidentification.co/ a person that’s purple the other working day. short-fruited willowherb seedlings. tiny early quick-fruited willow herb seedling which appeared close of Feb/ starting of March.

Just what are the 3 variations of results in?

Broad-leaved willowherb , by the time I seen this it can be developed many stems. rosettes of wide-leaved willowherb escalating from the spreading roots.

I found some broad-leaved willowherb crops in the back again garden and when I pulled them up observed two distinct sprouts on the roots, purple leaved (leading down below) and green (below in the pic down below) and then near-ups of every in the following photos. I consider this is wide-leaved but I am not even certain.

At this stage it seems as if it could be possibly. Great Hairy Willowherb. I noticed this today along Regent’s Canal (10-seven-2018). I’ve viewed it prior to but for some purpose it hardly ever manufactured it onto this site. I saw this example yesterday.

Rosebay Willowherb. June 2018, this was the first rosebay willowherb I’ve seen in London, rather than a pretty tall drift of crops in West Sussex (see under). This was at my nearby dump.

even smaller sized than the examples over, I noticed this on Camden St, London NW1 now (eight-nine-2018)It was only about thirty cm tall. I see berries? (base left) I didn’t recognize them when I took the image. They had been from preceding flowers? I absolutely haven’t found this plant in advance of. So it experienced time to increase, flower and deliver berries in a limited area of time?a several yrs ago I had these seedlings but sadly never noticed them attain flowering so I guess I are unable to affirm they are rosebay willowherb. That (on the still left previously mentioned, taken commencing of March) has turned into this, center of June. 3 months later on the previously mentioned has grown a minimal taller but otherwise minor improve.

following year, to the suitable, other vegetation are nigella. a several weeks later on. and this is a different pic, I desired to make absolutely sure that crimson stem confirmed up clearly (the nigella has a red stem as well)Rosebay Willowherb has a incredibly unique veining on the leaves, they never increase to the edge of the leaf:underside of the earlier mentioned. compare with a short-fruited or broadleaved willowherb leaf:medium-sized plant, second 12 months, discarded after I founded what it was.

I saw these, entire-sized rosebay willowherb vegetation at the side of the street in West Sussex. This is Wooden Avens also termed Herb Bennett (Geum Urbanum). I’m positive this was “advisable” by the RHS but they are now calling it a weed. This was a single of the 1st weeds I found and took pics of – and I even now never like!

I observed today (mid-June) that the wood avens were being in bloom The pursuing three photographs clearly show the wood avens bouquets.